Liesl Jensen Headshot

Liesl Jensen is an actor, Shakespearean, and writer.

Liesl first found her passion when as a shy seven-year old she was introduced to The Winter’s Tale, and fell head over heels in love. So, at eight she became the assistant dramaturg for The Tempest at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, known around the offices as the “Tiny ‘Turg”. From an early, but much lauded turn as Stephano the drunken butler in The Tempest, to a later and more nuanced performance as Queen Katherine in Henry VIII, it was through Shakespeare that she discovered acting. In 2016 she finished a twelve year quest to watch every play in the Shakespeare cannon – now her goal is to act in all of them.

Her journey into acting has led her to wide ranging experiences including playing God as part of the International Festival of New Work, devising an adaptation of Three Sisters that involved a dragon, East 15’s notorious living history project, and collaborating with Simon Stephens on the first UK revival of his play Three Kingdoms.

When it comes to Shakespeare, Liesl has performed on a historic proscenium stage where Mozart stood; in an ensemble directed, lights up, in the round production; on an enormous outdoor stage at a castle, and at an intimate pop-up performance at a brewery; for school children, Shakespeare experts, and foreign language audiences; from audiences of 4 people, to audiences of 800; and trained with some of the foremost Shakespeareans in the world.

When not in a theatre, Liesl can usually be found drinking tea, eating cheese, talking to herself, or traveling to some far-flung, obscure, and wonderful corner of the world.